Rule Tips

1. Work out the Nearest Point of Relief before lifting your ball.

There will be times when it is better to play your ball as it lies (if permitted by the Rules) rather than taking relief that means you have to drop your ball in a less favorable position.

2. Think before you drop a ball under the Rules.

If you find there are any loose impediments in the area that you are going to drop the ball you are permitted to remove them. It is wise to do so rather than have your ball come to rest against a stone or a twig. Also, try and drop the ball somewhere where its roll might be to your advantage. For example, it is easier to play a ball that has rolled down a slope to a smooth lie than play it off the face of a slope.


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All ORLGA members will adhere to the

USGA Rules of Golf

except where modified by the

LGA’s Local Rules. LGA’s Local Rules Summary.

The USGA, in conjunction with The R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland, writes, interprets and maintains the Rules of Golf to guard the tradition and integrity of the game. The two organizations are joint authors and owners of The Rules of Golf and Decisions on the Rules of Golf. Through an agreement with The R&A, the Rules jurisdiction of the USGA includes only the United States, its possessions and Mexico.

Understanding the rules of golf will increase your enjoyment of the game. Below are some links to videos, web pages and websites that hopefully will answer some questions regarding common situations that occur before, during, or after play.

The USGA has produced some short videos explaining some of the Rules of Golf. Choose from the titles below, then click 'GO' to see the video.

These are excellent!

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