Guidelines for 2019 Ringers Challenge

The purpose of Ringers competitions is to reward improvement in play. The Ringers Committee will give awards by flights for each of the three courses—Tiger's Eye, Lion's Paw, and Panther's Run. Flights will be determined by the Ringers Committee using the home handicap index of the participating players on October 1, 2019 and the number of participants. On Tiger's Eye, players will designate whether they will play from the red or gold tees during the year. Depending upon the number of participants and their handicap indices, the Ringers Committee will determine whether separate flights shall be designated for the red and gold tees.

The challenge in the Ringers competition is for each player to improve their gross scores on each hole over the course of the year. The ringers score is the total of the lowest gross scores on each hole for each of the courses. The more you play, the better your chances!


Competition for Ringers awards shall begin on November 1, 2018 and end on October 31, 2019 during ORLGA play only. ORLGA play is defined as Monday and Wednesday weekly play, the Member Guest tournament, and the President’s Cup competition. The Ringers participants must maintain an established handicap at Ocean Ridge Plantation, must pay the $35 annual ORLGA dues and the $5 Ringers fee by February 1, 2019.


On ORLGA play days, the tournament directors will place the Ringers box for that course at the post game meeting table. As each team comes in after play, one scorecard is given to the tournament directors and one score card is used by the team to input their ringers scores, if participating. Players shall record the date and any better gross scores on the appropriate hole. Scores entered shall be GROSS scores only, not NET nor Equitable strokes, and shall be entered for postable rounds of golf. (See the front side of the ringers sheet below for an example.) Shambles, scrambles, alternate shot and other designated non-postable rounds of golf are not to be recorded on Ringers competition sheets. If a participant is unable to post their ringers scores on game day, every effort should be made to post the ringers competition score as soon as possible thereafter. It is the participant’s responsibility to post and recheck the postings for error. After a period of two months the score will stand as posted without alteration.

In addition to the gross scores, each participant shall record the numbers of birdies, chip-ins and other significant milestones such as breaking 100 for the first time, on the back side of the Ringers sheet. (See the back side of the Ringers sheet below for an example.)

One set of game day score cards shall be placed in the Red envelope located next to the computer at Tamers. The Tigers Game day score cards go into the Red Bag located in the front of the Ringers Box. This year's Ringers committee members are Colleen Plebanek, Patti Lawson, Maureen Craik, Sharon Giblin, Anita Andersch, Mickie Underhill and Carole Milnichuk.

Front of the Ringers Sheet

Back of the Ringers Sheet