The purpose of the ORLGA is to encourage enjoyment of the game of golf and to familiarize players with the rules, good sportsmanship, and etiquette of the game.

Membership shall be extended to all ladies who have paid the annual league administration fee and are either initiated members of Ocean Ridge Golf, Inc., or property owners in Ocean Ridge.

Members are required to establish and maintain their USGA handicap index and are provided a 30-day grace period from date of payment of league administration fees to complete this requirement. This requirement facilitates the process of league golf event management. Any new member who has an established USGA handicap through a handicapping service other than Ocean Ridge Golf, Inc. must present her last five score cards or her USGA handicap record to participate in league golf events.

For purposes of communicating information regarding LGA events and activities, members are asked to submit name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth (month and day only), current USGA handicap index if it exists, GHIN number if it exists and state in which the GHIN number is maintained.

The annual administration fee of $40.00 helps us subsidize league tournaments, activities, awards, and administration costs. In addition, the annual administration fee includes Hole-In-One Insurance. This insurance covers the cost of beverages bought in celebration of a Hole-In-One up to $300 per occurrence. If the fund is depleted during the league year to less than $300, members are asked to replenish the fund with another contribution. Anything is possible in this game and this insurance helps defray out of pocket costs for celebrations.

The league offers another program called the Ringers Competition (Ringers Competition Information). Entry is $10.00 per year spanning November 1 through October 31 of the following year. The Ringers Committee tracks the scores of players on two courses (Lion’s Paw & Panther’s Run) and on each hole on these courses and tracks the lowest score for each hole. Ringers awards are presented by flights at our End-of-Year party for lowest 18-hole score on each course, most birdies, and most chip-ins on all courses. This program provides members with an opportunity to track game playing progress or lack thereof.

We welcome your participation in our league.

Just complete the Registration Form below and a member of our Welcome Committee will contact you to provide additional information and answer any questions you might have at that time.

Updated 12/10/2021
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