December 1, 2017
Brick Landing

President Jan Henson called the meeting to order at 11:45 am. There were 73 members in attendance at Brick Landing’s The View Restaurant. President Henson recognized and thanked the members of the Christmas party committee for the holiday brunch following the meeting.

Because the December meeting is the Club holiday party and the announcement of Club achievements over the year, the normal meeting format was replaced with a summary of the highlights of the year. The membership of the ORLGA was 115 at the end of 2017 under the direction of Colleen Plebanek, Chair. President Henson thanked the 22 members of the tournament committee who managed Monday and Wednesday League play. Special thanks were given to Juli Miller for organizing the monthly PALS (Panthers and Lions) league play for those members who do not belong to Tigers eye. Juli was also thanked for maintaining the spreadsheet tracking the number of rounds played by each ORLGA member. 17 special events were scheduled during 2017. Each special tournament required a minimum of five League members to plan and execute the event. President Henson recognized these ORLGA members and thanked them for their help. In 2017, an old tournament was reestablished—the Couples Championship—played on two Sundays in November. Congratulations to Linda and Bill Johnston for winning the Couples Championship this year.

Jan reviewed each of the major events for 2017 thanking the chairs for their hard work. Phyl O’Connor and Carol Dunham and their Cancer Rally committee donated over $11,000 to the Novant Brunswick County Cancer Foundation without playing the tournament because of rain. Peggy Rowland chaired the Hope Harbor tournament, which raised a record amount in 2017 of more than $25,000. Through the Ocean Ridge Charities Association with support from members of the ORLGA, Laura Wheaton spearheaded the collection of golf balls, equipment and clothing raising more than $28,000 in value for local thrift stores and charities. The Charity Committee also raised funds for Shallotte Assisted Living and Union Elementary School.

President Henson also thanked Pam Bank for chairing the education committee. Larry and Diane Wright were thanked for organizing monthly away golf outings. The Web Committee was thanked for their tireless and constant work to keep the Club running smoothly.

Vice-President Diane Wright announced the Presidents Cup winners and awarded their prizes.

Presidents Cup Winners:

Flight 1/President Cup Winners: Sue Kane and Nancy O’Connell
Flight 2: Anita Andersch and Carole Milnichuk
Flight 3: Diane Wright and Sharon Simon
Flight 4: Christine Macke and Sonja Farr

Peggy Jones announced the 2017 ORLGA achievements and league awards open to all members of the league.

Personal Achievements:

Most Improved Player Donna Ciliberto
Hole-In-One Linda Johnston Panther's Run #17 on 4/10
Hole-In-One Sharon Benson Panther's Run #11 on 5/8
Hole-In-One Anita Andersch Panther's Run #6 on 5/24
Hole-In-One Karen Orejuela Tiger's Eye #6 on 10/18
Eagle Melanie Kelley Panther's Run #10 on 9/27
Broke 80 Holly Brenneman Tiger's Eye on 7/5 with a score of 76
Broke 80 Sharon Giblin Lion’s Paw on 3/27 with a score of 79
Broke 90 Sharon Giblin Panther's Run on 11/2 with a score of 81
Broke 100 Margie Talley Tiger's Eye on 10/18 with a score of 93 from the Red tees

Ringers Low Gross Score

  Lion’s Panther’s Tiger’s
Flight A Judy Harlow (69) Diane Wright (65)  
(Gold) Holly Brenneman (70)
(Red) Peggy) Jones (74)
Flight B Rosie Savoia (72) Sheree Sebem (77) (Gold) Maureen Craik (72)
Flight C Robin Allen (73) Di Gruver (76) (Gold)Deb MacFarlane (86)
Flight D  Juli Miller (83) Beth Grunwalder (85)  
Flight E  Deb Lebkicher (76) Melanie Kelley (78)  
Flight F  Patti Elsen (86) Debbie Sisk (86)  
Flight G  Peggy Wilson (90) Patti Lawson (90)  
Most Birdies

  Lion’s Panther’s Tiger’s
Flight A Karen Orejueal (4) Diane Wright (8)  
(Gold) Judy Harlow (4)
(Red) Peggy) Jones (3)
Flight B Maureen Craik (5) Rosie Savoia (6) (Gold) Maureen Craik (3)
Flight C
Di Gruver (2)
Robin Allen (2)
Di Gruver (3)
Flight D
Juli Miller (2)
Deb MacFarlane (1)
Juli Miller (1)
Beth Grunewalder (1)
Flight E  Melanie Kelley (2) Phyllis LaClair (2)  
Most Chip-Ins

  Lion’s Panther’s Tiger’s
Flight A
Sue Carano (3)
Karen Orejuela (3)
Diane Wright (6)
(Gold) Donna Ciliberto (2)
(Red) Peggy) Jones (2)
Flight B
Maureen Craik (3)
Donna Ciliberto (3)
Maureen Craik (2)
(Gold) Maureen Craik (2)
Flight C
Di Gruver (4)
Di Gruver (2)
(Gold) Peggy Rowland (1)
(Gold) Patti Lawson (1)
(Gold) Deb MacFarlane
Flight D
Peggy Jones (2)
Juli Miller (2)
Becky Williams (2)
Becky Williams (2)
Flight E  Melanie Kelley (3) Debbie Lebkicher (2)  
Flight F
Patti Elsen (1)
Colleen Plebanek (1)
Mickie Underhill (1)
Colleen Plebanek (1)
Flight G  Christine Macke (1) Nancy Ward (1)  

Juli Miller thanked Kathy Stuart for doing the embroidered initials on the quilted bags which were prizes for the Ringers low gross score winners and Mary Perno, a local artist, for her hand-painted ball markers. Juli also thanked all the members present for bringing Christmas gifts for the Toys for Tots program for local marine families.

Our next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at the Plantation Club at 3:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Kelley, Secretary