October 10, 2017

Plantation Club

President Jan Henson called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. There were 40 members in attendance.

I. Secretary’s Report

Secretary Melanie Kelley requested that the membership approve the minutes from the July quarterly meeting. The minutes were available to the membership on the website for prior review. Carole Schuster moved and Lana Johnson seconded a motion for approval of the July 10, 2017 meeting minutes. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote of the membership present.

II. Treasurer’s Report

Phyllis O’Connor, Treasurer, reported that we will carry over about $2800 in January 2018which is less than the prior year. The variance was due to monies paid for hole in one achievements (three year to date) and less givebacks from events. At this time, she does not foresee the need for a special assessment from the members. At some time in the future, however, there may be a need to increase dues from the present rate of $35. We presently have 115 members in the ORLGA. Phyllis, responding to a question, reported that the membership was down slightly from 2016. This was anticipated in the 2017 budget. There were no additional questions from the membership regarding the 2017 budget and actual spending during the first three quarters of 2017.

III. Committee Reports

A. Welcome Committee

Colleen Plebanek announced there were no new members joining the ORLGA during the past quarter.

B. By-Laws and Local Rules Committee

See New Business below

C. Charity Committee

Laura Wheaton will be sending out an email asking for the members and others within the OR community to supply used golf equipment, golf balls, and apparel to her for resale at several of the areas charity stores.

D. Sunshine Committee

Nothing to Report

E. Member/Guest Tournament

Anita Andersch, Co-Chair, announced that the Member/Guest Committee had prepared a review and “lessons learned” memo for the Committee’s use in 2018.

F. Publicity/Historian

Nothing to report

G. Cancer Rally Golf Tournament

Phyllis O’Connor, Chair, explained that the Cancer Rally was cancelled on the Friday before the tournament because of a hurricane threat. Nonetheless, many in the community donated their tournament fees. ORLGA will be able to donate more than $11,000 to the Novant Brunswick County Cancer Foundation.

H. Ringers Committee

Colleen Plebanek reported that the Ringers year-long tournament will end on October 31 for 2017.

I. Tournament Committee

Jan Henson reported that the Club Championship was played on September 25-27. The Club Champion for 2017 is Holly Brenneman for the second year in a row. Nancy O’Connell was the Club Runner-up. The low gross flight winners were: Sharon Benson, Flight 1; Sharon Giblin, Flight 2; Lori Bonnington, Flight 3; and Melanie Kelley, Flight 4. The low net flight winners were: Diane Wright, Flight 1; Maureen Craik, Flight 2; Deb MacFarlane, Flight 3; and Margie Talley, Flight 4.

Nancy O’Connell and Sue Kane won the President’s Cup Tournament.

The Wild and Crazy Tournament was won by the team of Kathy Giancarlo, Di Gruver, Sheree Seben, and Sonja Farr.

The Big Cats Tournament was won by Peggy Rowland’s team: Peggy Rowland, Patti Dugan, Patti Lawson, Nancy MacDonald, Holly Brenneman, and Sharon Benson.

The Fall Member/Member Tournament will be played on November 13 and 15. The 10-play rule for participation will be in effect for this tournament for the first time. President Henson reviewed the waiver procedures and there was a brief discussion clarifying this process.

A new tournament, the Couples Champrionship, will also be played on November 5 and 12.

Finally, the Bah Humbug tournament is scheduled for December 6.

Sign-ups for next year’s committees will be posted on the website during November. All ORLGA members are encouraged to participate.

J. Web Page

Karen McCloskey stated that there was some confusion on how to sign up for events on the ORLGA website. She explained that members should use the golf Portal first for participation sign-ups. If the desired event is not there, then use the Special Events ribbons below the Portal section on the Events page of the ORLGA website. The special events are accessed using Sign-up Genius. If you have questions about Sign-up Genius, then please call Ginny Alger.

K. Education Committee

Nancy MacDonald reported that the playing clinics led by Derek throughout the year were very well attended and will be repeated next year.

L. Christmas Party Committee

The ORLGA Christmas party will be held at Brick Landing on December 1. The party will be a brunch this year. The sign up is presently available on the Signup Genius special events section of the ORLGA website. The cost for the brunch is $25. The sign up will close on October 29.

M. Handicap Committee Liaison

Nothing to report.

N. Interclub

Jan Henson reported that OR came in last this year.

O. North Strand Interclub

The OR team came in fifth out of seven teams in 2017. The Carolina National team won.

P. Hope Harbor

Peggy Rowland reported that the 2017 Hope Harbor golf tournament raised more than $25,000 at Lockwood Folly this year. Next year’s tournament will be held on August 16 at Carolina National.

Q. Club 25

Holly Brenneman, President of Club 25, reported that the next Club 25 event will be on October 17 at Rivers Edge. Club 25 will play on Tigers Eye on July 19, 2018. Holly requested the League’s participation in that event. The full schedule for 2017 is itemized on the ORLGA website. The 2018 schedule is not completed at this time and will be posted once finished.

IV. Old Business

Slow Play

Jan Henson led a discussion regarding what can be done to improve slow play. Several members suggested things which can improve the pace of play: 1) Remove your glove while walking onto the putting green; 2) Play ready golf; 3) The passengers should always be ready to tee off first; and 4) Manage the use of the cart so that each player is ready to play immediately after the last player. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but just a sampling of things that can be done to improve the pace of play. It was also suggested that the members of the Executive Committee talk to those who have been identified as slow players. Another suggestion was that each foursome during select league play events could critique each other after the round on ways that the pace of play might be improved. No final resolution of this matter was decided.

V. New Business

  1. Discussion of a No-Show Policy

    Deb MacFarlane, Chair Rules Committee, read a statement prepared by the Committee to address no-shows at league events.

    The Committee suggested:
    The following new policy is going to be initiated within ORLGA. There will be a new tab named “No Show and Other Rules” which will be added to the web site under "Rules and Regulations" page.
    "Ladies are expected to show up for play at those events for which they have signed up. It is the responsibility of the individual member to notify both of the event organizers of the day and the pro shop (for events at Ocean Ridge) of any cancellation after the event sign up has closed. If a player is a "no show", she will be contacted by someone from the ORLGA Executive Board to gather the facts of the situation. At that time, a determination will be made as to the type of consequences. Potential consequences include a verbal warning upwards to suspension from league play."
    There was a discussion after Deb MacFarlane’s presentation regarding what the no show consequences should be. Of those present at the meeting, there seemed to be consensus that such a policy is warranted and that the Executive Board should decide the consequences depending upon the facts of each case. However, there seemed to be some confusion regarding the definition of “no show” with some of the members believing that late cancellations are the same as no shows. Additionally, there is no data about how often “no shows” happen.

    The Executive Committee has reviewed the proposed “no show” policy and suggests the following modification:

    • ORLGA No Show Policy
      It is the responsibility of the individual member to notify the event organizers and the pro shop (for events at Ocean Ridge) of any cancellation after the event sign up has closed. Some signups close as much as two weeks prior to an event.
    • ORLGA Monday and Wednesday Play
      All players are granted one (1) lifetime “no reason needed no show” absence from Monday and Wednesday League Play. After that one lifetime “no reason needed no show” absence, if a player is a "no show" and has not notified the Monday/Wednesday coordinators she will be suspended from the next two open league days, following notification by the League Vice President.
    • ORLGA Major Events
      If a player is a "no show" and has not cancelled with the tournament director(s) prior, she will be suspended for the next two tournament events, following notification from the League Vice President.
    • ORLGA Away Golf
      If a player is a "no show" and has not cancelled with the away golf coordinator prior, she will be suspended for the next away golf event, following notification by the League Vice President. The player may also be liable for charges from the away golf venue.

    The ORLGA Executive Committee will review all potential suspensions and will also review any requests for exception from the "no show" policies described above.
  1. Cancellations

    After the discussion of the no show policy, Karen McCloskey, expressed her frustration with those who ask to be added to league events after the sign up closes and with those who cancel after the sign up closes . Often these requests come after pairings and scorecards have been prepared, necessitating that the game maker redoes her earlier work and possibly reprint scorecards. Karen suggested the following: If an individual requests to be added into an event after the sign up has closed, their request may be granted to play, provided there is space available. However, depending upon when the request is received by the gamemaker(s), those added after the signup deadline MAY not be added to the game for that day because the scorecards and pairings reports may have already been prepared by the gamemakers.

  2. Expanding the Presidents Cup Time Frame

    Nancy O’Connell proposed that the time frame to play the President’s Cup matches be expanded. The reason that the Presidents Cup has only been played during the summer months in the past was to avoid the use of inflated handicaps from the winter months. Nancy suggested that we could start Presidents Cup play on April 1 and use the lower of the current handicap or the player’s handicap from November 1 of the previous year. This would avoid any impact of inflated winter handicaps and give us all the opportunity to participate in the Presidents Cup with more time to play.

  3. Posting

    Sharon Giblin requested that all members post their scores to GHIN within 3 days of playing a round.

Upon the motion of Sharon Giblin, with a second from Susan Scott, the meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm.

Our next scheduled meeting is Friday, December 1st at 11:30 AM at the Brick Landing during our Christmas Party

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Kelley, Secretary