July 10, 2018

Plantation Club

President Jan Henson called the meeting to order at 9:05am. There were 33 members present. She also thanked the Hospitality Committee for the delicious breakfast foods. Jan also spoke to the membership about Derek Reed being let go by Ocean Ridge.

I. Secretary’s Report

In Melanie Kelley's absence, Patti Dugan requested that the membership approve the minutes from the April 10, 2018 meeting. The minutes were available to the membership on the website for prior review. Juli Miller moved and Debbie Lebkicher seconded a motion for approval of the April meeting minutes. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote of the membership present.

II. Treasurer’s Report

Phyllis O'Connor, Treasurer, handed out copies of the ORLGA Budget as of 7/1/18. We currently have a checkbook balance of $4,927.78.

III. Committee Reports

A. Welcome Committee

Holly Brenneman advised us that we have a new ORLGA member - Margaret Oehmke.

B. By-Laws and Local Rules Committee

Donna Ciliberto advised the membership that once the 2019 USGA Rules have been finalized and published, she, along with Beth Grunwalder and Maureen Craik, would train us on the changes. Also, on the 10 Play rule, a decision was made regarding part-time residents. If you are a part-time resident and are here for 6 months or less, you only have to have 5 Plays in regular Monday/Wednesday play to be eligible for both Member/Members, both Ringers, President’s Cup matches and the Club Championship.

C. Charity Committee

The Sign-Up for the Summer Charity Scramble for the Homeless to be held on Wednesday, August 8, is currently open.

D. Sunshine Committee

Nothing to report

E. Member/Guest Tournament

Judy Harlow and Pat Brooks thanked all the members of their committee, along with Mary Lou Atkinson of the Catering Committee, for all their hard work on this year's tournament. She also said that Tamers would be issuing a credit to us. Judy also recommends that whoever is running next year's event, get an early start on this event.

F. Publicity/Historian

Nothing to report

G. Cancer Rally Golf Tournament

Phyllis O'Connor spoke about this year's Cancer Rally which is being held on Monday, September 10, 2018. She thanked the Catering Committee for all their help in setting up the food for this event. Prior to the actual day of the tournament, there are numerous fund raising events going on:

Pink flags IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF loved ones. Please see Joan Hill.
Cart signs representing groups in the community or our favorite pets. Please see Patti Elsen.
Raffle Basket and Homemade Quilt tickets. Please see Anita Andersch.
Pool Party and Cookout on September 7. Please see Phyl O'Connor.
Golf Tournament. Please See Melanie Kelley.
Walk-A-Thon. Please see Winnie Rubio.

H. Ringers Committee

Phyllis LaClair mentioned putting your scores in on your ringer cards no later than October 31. Also, please do not record a date on the cards where you have not had any improvement.

I. Tournament Committee

Vice-President, Diane Wright, spoke about the “2-CLUB”. What is the “2-CLUB”? If you are a “2-CLUB” member, you will receive $1 from the other “2-CLUB” members in your foursome whenever a member scores a two on a Par 3. “2-CLUB” members must be wearing or displaying the official “2-CLUB” pin during the golf round in order to receive $1 from the other members in the foursome. The rules vary from club to club. We already have some “2-CLUB” members in the ORLGA. To be a bonafide member of the “2-CLUB” you can join and purchase a pin. The cost of the pins are between $2.50 and $3.50 depending on how many we order. Diane is sending something out to the membership asking us to let her know if we want to purchase a “2-CLUB” pin.

League play on Wednesday, July 18, will be on Tigers Eye. Panther's Run is scheduled to open on July 19.

Diane has created the Tournament Schedule for next year and submitted it to Ocean Ridge. Last year the Carolina Cup was eliminated due to lack of participation. This year Carol Milnichuk and Laura Wheaton have stepped up to run it and Gene Whidden and Peggy Wilson have been asked to be the Captains.

As we all know, the men beat us in the Battle of the Sexes which was played on Leopards' Chase. Next year we have requested it to be played on Lion's Paw.

Judy Harlow has requested that next year's Member/Guest be changed to the Fall.

First Round President's Cups are almost completed with the 2 remaining matches being played today.

The Wild & Crazy Tournament is Wednesday, July 11, and the Neighborhood Challenge is on September 5. We can have 64 players in the Neighborhood Challenge. Anyone playing in it must be a League Member.

The Club Championship is being held on September 24, 25, and 26.

J. Website Committee

Nothing to report

K. Education Committee

Beth Grunwalder reported that we had 64 attendees at the March, April, May and June clinics. 14 are signed up for July. The clinics are held at Carolina Shores and the sign up is on our Web Page. Also, Donna Ciliberto will be conducting “Practice With A Purpose” to be held on August 9 & 23. Look for the sign up on the Web Page.

L. Christmas Party Committee

This year's Christmas Party will be a luncheon on December 6 at Brick Landing.

M. Handicap Committee Liaison

Nothing to report.

N. Interclub

Jan Henson reported that after 4 rounds, we are in 3rd Place. There are 2 teams tied for 1st Place – Magnolia Greens and Pine Valley. The next match will be played at Tiger's Eye on August 14.

O. North Strand Interclub

Information is available on our Web Page.

P. Hope Harbor

Peggy Rowland announced that this year the tournament will be played at Carolina National on August 16. A practice round will be available before the tournament.

Q. Club 25

Holly Brenneman reported that we have had great attendance and that the next matches would be at St. James on July 23 and Tigers Eye on July 26.

IV. Old Business

A part time resident who also lives in Virginia and is a member of the league keeps a handicap at her home course in Virginia. It is in the GHIN system. The membership discussed whether we needed to change the by laws to accommodate this or future situations like this. The outcome after much discussion was that we would keep the by¬laws as is and Jan would get back to the member.

V. New Business

Carole Schuster and Marti Serensits were on the Nominating Committee for this year's new officers.
Carole explained the process and announced a new slate of officers, who if voted in would serve a 2 year term:

Karen McCloskey will open a Voting Booth on August 1st for all members of the League to vote on. The Voting Booth will close on October 2. If anyone else is interested in running, please let Carole Schuster know.

A few other issues were discussed under New Business.

Karen McCloskey asked if we could implement policies and procedures a little quicker than we have in the past.

Pat Brooks has some concerns over the 10 Play Rule with so many tournaments not counting towards the 10.

Jan Henson was concerned about the number of participants for the Club Championship since a large group of potential players were going to be on vacation.

Upon the motion of Judy Harlow, with a second from Donna Ciliberto, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15am.

Our next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, October 9, at 9:00am at the Plantation Club.

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Kelley, Secretary