July 10, 2017

Plantation Club

Vice-President Diane Wright called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm. There were 40 members in attendance.

Approval of April 4, 2017 ORLGA Meeting Minutes

Secretary Melanie Kelley requested that the membership approve the minutes from the April quarterly meeting. The minutes were available to the membership on the website for prior review. Deb Lebkicher moved and Judy Harlow seconded a motion for approval of the April, 2017 meeting minutes. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote of the membership present.

II. Treasurer’s Report

Phyllis O’Connor, Treasurer, reported that we presently have 114 members in the ORLGA. Our year-to-date expenses have increased during the past quarter, including use of some of our contingency funds for hole-in-one celebrations. Linda Johnston, Sharon Benson and Anita Andersch had holes-on-one during the past quarter. As of June 30, ORLGA was operating within the proposed budget for 2017. At the end of June, the ORLGA checking account balance was $5444.09 (includes contingency funds).
There were no questions from the membership regarding the 2017 budget and actual spending during the first half of 2017.

III. Committee Reports

A. Welcome Committee

Colleen Plebanek announced that we have a new member: Michelle Covelli.

B. By-Laws and Local Rules Committee

See Old Business below

C. Charity Committee

Carole Milnichuk reported that the Christmas in July event was hosted earlier in the day at Shallotte Assisted Living. Opportunity Rocks supplied music for the event. The OR Quilting group made pillow cases for each resident, which were used to wrap gifts during the event. ORLGA had sufficient funds from our charity event to spend $20 on each resident. The event was a huge success.
Sue Carano announced the fall charity scramble will be held on September 9 benefitting Union Elementary School. You must sign up for this as an individual and send Sue an email with the names of your foursome so that she can appropriately group everyone.

D. Sunshine Committee

Nothing to Report

E. Member/Guest Tournament

Judy Harlow reported that the June 10 Member/Guest tournament was a success and recognized the members of the Committee who managed this event. Members in attendance liked the fact that the tournament was held on a Saturday. It was suggested that for next year, the tournament be held a few weeks later in June.

F. Publicity/Historian

Karen Orejuela thanked Debbie Sisk for managing this function for the past several months.

G. Cancer Rally Golf Tournament

The next Cancer Rally meeting is scheduled for July 17. This tournament is scheduled to be held on September 11.

H. Ringers Committee

Juli Miller requested that Ringers participants complete all score cards during Monday and Wednesday games. Additionally, she reminded Ringers participants to record only gross scores on their Ringers cards.

I. Tournament Committee

Diane Wright, Vice-President, reported the results of ORLGA tournaments which have been played during the past quarter. The Spring Member/Member tournament was held on April 5 and 10.
The results of this tournament were:

    Flight 1:
  1. Sharon Benson/Maureen Craik
  2. Sharon Giblin/Donna Shank
  3. Kathy Wicke/ Kathy Stuart
    Flight 2:
  1. Diane Wright/Mary K Donahoe
  2. Kathy Giancarlo/Pam Hartman
  3. Carol Dunham/Sue Kane
    Flight 3:
  1. Pat Ronay/Margie Talley
  2. Sonja Farr/Lorraine Crosby
    Flight 4:
  1. Debbie Lebkicher/Jan Schneider
  2. Phyllis O’Connor/Kathy Beadnell

On April 17 and 24, Rosie’s Ringers beat Phyllis’ Follies in the Patsy Mays Carolina Cup. On June 14, the men beat the ladies in the Battle of the Sexes on Panthers Run. On June 28, Team Castlebrook, won the Neighborhood Challenge trophy for 2017.The President’s Cup matches began on June 1 and the first round must be completed by August 15.
Diane Wright also reported on upcoming tournaments to be played during the next quarter. On July 12, the Wild and Crazy Tournament will be played on Lion’s Paw. The Fall charity scramble will be played on August 9. The Big Cats tournament will be played on August 30. The Club Championship will be held September 25-27.
Rick Wheaton and Diane Wright are currently working on our submissions for next year’s golf schedule. They met with Roxanne Shearon from Ocean Ridge golf to discuss proposed changes. They proposed making Monday morning tee times later for both leagues. Neither the Men’s league nor the Women’s have been filling their tee times. It is hoped that later tee times starting between 8 and 9 am, rather than between 7 and 8 am, will result in more sign ups. Roxanne said she could make that happen. Additionally, the League representatives requested that on days when either league is playing a tournament the other league will be put on another course. That would be a perfect scenario and solve many problems but it is something that requires higher level approval than Roxanne. In the event we do not get different courses, we will have the league not having a tournament go out first in most cases since generally tournaments play slower.
Diane also addressed comments from the survey back in January about having too many tournaments. She explained that the reason we seem to have so many tournaments close together in the spring is because that is the best weather and it is peak season. We get 12 tee times or more for tournaments and only 5 for Mondays and 8 for Wednesdays (except Tigers we get 6) so more people get to play during tournaments. Once we give up our tee times we will not likely get them back.

J. Web Page

Karen McCloskey reported that we have been forced to find alternative methods for signing up for league events because of servers being taken down and retirements. She presented an overview of the new golf signup portal and My Sign-up Genius, which ORLGA is using for non-golf events. Karen recommends that members register with my signup genius and obtain a password to use this site. Karen has previously distributed GSID numbers and passwords for members to use the golf tournament software. Karen McCloskey, Ginny Alger, and Lorraine Crosby are available to help anyone who is having trouble with the new sign up procedures. Karen is also willing to have training sessions on Tuesdays for those who would like to have a hands-on session. Please contact Karen to arrange for this training. Juli Miller and Sue Carano are also proficient in the software if you need help. Finally, Becky Williams and Beth Grunewalder are developing an instruction manual with pictures to assist tournament managers in the future.

K. Education Committee

Nothing to report

L. Christmas Party Committee

Nothing to report

M. Handicap Committee Liaison

Nothing to report.

N. Interclub

Diane Wright, reported on behalf of Jan Henson, that today Ocean Ridge is tied for first place. Please cheer Ocean Ridge on to first place. The next Interclub match will be July 11 at Ocean Ridge. Note: In order to participate in Interclub, a player should have a handicap index of less than 27, and be a member of Ocean Ridge Golf. You may participate in interclub with a higher handicap but your handicap will be limited to 27 during Interclub play. If you are interested in participating in Interclub, please contact Jan Henson.

O. North Strand Interclub

A second interclub group plays on Saturdays during the summer months. Robin Allen chairs this ORLGA Committee. This group has 6 clubs competing with teams of ten players. The best five of the ten scores using a Stableford net game will be the team score for that day. The next North Strand event will be July 22 and participation is open to all. Please contact Robin Allen if you are interested.

P. Hope Harbor

Peggy Rowland reported that the 2017 Hope Harbor golf tournament will be held at Lockwood Folly on August 17.

Q. Club 25

Holly Brenneman, President of Club 25, that there are five remaining events in the Club 25 2017 season. The next tournament will be held on July 24 at Sea Trail Jones course. The full schedule is itemized on the ORLGA website. Please contact Holly or Karen Orejuela if you would like to join Club 25.

IV. Old Business

  1. 10-play Rule for Some Special Events

    The membership electronically voted to adopt a 10-play rule for certain special events during the past quarter. The vote was 55 For and 15 Against. The number of rounds any member has played during the past year (rolling calendar) is on the ORLGA website. The final adopted rule is:
    Article VIII- LGA Awards and Play, New Section 1A.
    To be eligible to play in the Fall and Spring Ringers, Fall and Spring Member/Member, and the President’s Cup tournaments, and the Club Championship, current membership in the ORLGA and a valid USGA Handicap* shall be required. In addition to the above, established members in the ORLGA of one year or more must have played a minimum of ten(10) rounds in the regular competitive events** within the past 365 days. If this minimum of ten rounds of regular play cannot be achieved, established members may request a waiver from this requirement by petitioning the Executive Board of the ORLGA. This waiver must be in writing and provide the extenuating circumstances that prevented the player from meeting the 10-play requirement. The waiver form is available on the ORLGA website. ORLGA members of less than one year must also obtain a waiver. ORLGA members requiring a waiver may only signup as an alternate for these events. The ORLGA Executive Board will review all waiver requests and make a ruling.
    *A USGA Handicap in the State of North Carolina requires that all members post all year round. This requirement applies even when you play golf out of town.
    **Regular competitive events are defined as league plays on Monday and Wednesday, PALS (Panthers and Lions Wednesday league play and Away Golf days. If you are scheduled to play on a Monday/Wednesday regular league day that is cancelled by the game coordinators you will still receive credit for having played that day. Participation in ORLGA tournaments/special events do not count toward the 10-play minimum.

  2. Local Rules Changes
    Effective April 19, 2017, the ORLGA has adopted the following local rule for Monday Wednesday league play.
    Dropping Zones for Water Hazards The course managers have placed dropping zones in several places as an additional relief option to Rule 26-1 (Water Hazards and Lateral Water Hazards). These zones are located at: Lion's Paw #3 and #6; and Tiger's Eye #11. If a ball is in the water hazard, or it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the water hazard at these specific holes, the player may: (a) proceed under Rule 26-1; or re-tee; or as an additional option, drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the dropping zone. For Panther’s Run Hole #18, during Monday Wednesday League play only: If you hit your ball in the water hazard in front of the green, you have the option of hitting another ball from the fairway side (Rule 26-1), incurring a one-stroke penalty; or you may carry your ball around to the first mound to the right after the bridge, drop a ball, incurring a one-stroke penalty.

V. New Business


Vice- President Wright thanked the hospitality committee for the healthy and delicious snacks prepared for the meeting.

Upon the motion of Judy Harlow, with a second from Patti Dugan, the meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

Our next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, October 3rd at 3:45 PM at the Plantation Club

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Kelley, Secretary