April 10, 2018

Plantation Club

President Jan Henson called the meeting to order at 9:05 am. There were 45 members in attendance. Jan asked the membership to vote on whether they preferred the morning meetings versus late afternoon. Most of the members present voted for morning meetings.

I. Secretary’s Report

Secretary Melanie Kelley requested that the membership approve the minutes from the January 9, 2018 meeting. The minutes were available to the membership on the website for prior review. Pat Brooks moved and Marti Serensits seconded a motion for approval of the January meeting minutes. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote of the membership present.

II. Treasurer’s Report

Phyllis O’Connor, Treasurer, reported that our present membership (103) is less than it was in 2017, and less than the budget planning number of 120 members. Thus, the League revenues are less than budgeted for the year. However, spending and contingency expenses have been within budget to date and the League should have sufficient funds for the year if we do not have a number of hole-in-one expenditures. At present, ORLGA has a checkbook balance of $5220.

III. Committee Reports

A. Welcome Committee

Colleen Plebanek, Welcome Chair, reported that no new members have joined the League this quarter.

B. By-Laws and Local Rules Committee

Donna Ciliberto has volunteered to chair the Rules and By-Laws Committee. Beth Grunewalder has also joined this Committee. The two are presently reviewing the new USGA Rule changes and will have presentations for the membership later in the year. The ORLGA website has a link to video explanations of the new USGA rules also.

C. Charity Committee

The April Charity Scramble raised $730 for Waves 4 KIDS. In addition, 2 more carloads full of diapers, baby blankets, pedialyte, and other needed items were collected from the League members. Laura Wheaton, Chair, has been collecting the needed baby items for the past two months. This has been a very successful charity activity.

D. Sunshine Committee

Sonja Farr will send cards to Laura Wheaton and Nancy MacDonald for the recent loss of their parents.

E. Member/Guest Tournament

Judy Harlow and Anita Andersch, Co-Chairs, reported that invitations will be available on the ORLGA webpage very soon for the Member/Guest Tournament. The tournament will be one day on Saturday June 16 on Tigers Eye. The tournament will be flighted net play. Members may play either the red or gold tees, which ever they have declared for regular League play. Handicaps will be adjusted for the different tees. The cost is $180 per team. Three baskets with wine and gourmet items have been prepared by the Committee for raffling and were shown to the membership at the meeting.

F. Publicity/Historian

Nothing to report

G. Cancer Rally Golf Tournament

Phyllis O’Connor reported that the Cancer Rally will be held this year on September 10. The Cancer Rally Committee would like to have one of the members volunteer to coordinate the pre-party and/or luncheon set up. The Committee is planning to change this event slightly to make it even better in the future.

H. Ringers Committee

Colleen Plebanek asked that all participating members quickly record their Ringers scores. The Ringers Committee will not record members’ scores or achievements for them in the future.

I. Tournament Committee

Vice-President Diane Wright reported that Judy Harlow and Sharon Giblin won the recent Member/Member tournament.

The Winter Challenge was won by the team of Judy Harlow, Pat Brooks, Judy Keegan, and Kathy Wicke.

The Spring Ringers tournament was won by:
Flight 1 1st place – Sharon Benson, 2d place – Donna Ciliberto, 3d place – Karen McCloskey
Flight 2 1st place – Anita Andersch, 2d place – Nancy MacDonald, 3d place – Becky Williams
Flight 3 1st place – Judy Keegan, 2d place – Di Gruver, 3d place – Marti Serensits
Flight 4 1st place – Juli Miller, 2d place Colleen Plebanek, 3d place – Phyllis LaClair

The Patsy Mays Carolina Cup has been cancelled in May because no members volunteered to run the tournament. Carole Milnichuk has volunteered to run the tournament for 2019.

Next month the Presidents Cup will begin. Thus far, 9-1/2 teams have signed up to participate. Chris Macke is looking for a partner if anyone would like to play.

The Battle of the Sexes is scheduled to be played on June 13 on Lion’s Paw.

J. Website Committee

Nothing to report

K. Education Committee

Pam Bank, Chair, reported that two clinics per month are being held thru the summer. In March Lori’s Golf Shoppe teaching staff held putting clinics. The April clinics cover chipping and pitching. May clinics will address full swing irons. June clinics will address fairway woods. Additionally, practice sessions have been scheduled to coordinate with the clinics. The ORLGA website has signups for these sessions if members would like to participate.

L. Christmas Party Committee

Melanie Kelley announced that the ORLGA Christmas party is scheduled for December 6 at Brick Landing for a lunch/brunch.

M. Handicap Committee Liaison

Nothing to report.

N. Interclub

Jan Henson reported that the Interclub scoring rules have been modified to be fairer since some of the clubs have much better scoring pros than others. The pros participate in Interclub on the various teams and can affect the winning points such that it is impossible for some clubs to win.

O. North Strand Interclub

Sharon Giblin, Co-Chair with Robin Allen, reported that six events are planned for 2018 beginning in June. Sign up information is available on the website.

P. Hope Harbor

Peggy Rowland reported that the 2018 Hope Harbor golf tournament will be held on August 16 at Carolina National. The signup sheet is available on the ORLGA webpage. This year the tournament will be modified Stableford format.

Q. Club 25

Holly Brenneman, President of Club 25, reported that the Club 25 2018 schedule is posted on the ORLGA website. The first match was cancelled due to weather and has been rescheduled to July 23 St. James Players Course.

IV. Old Business

Jan Henson reviewed the 10-play rule because there seem to be many questions about how the rule is implemented. It was explained that the plays allocated to each member are counted on a rolling 12-month period. Karen McCloskey stated that she will show Juli Miller how to report the number of plays which will be removed each month as a result of the rolling counting period.

There was a question about modifying the 10-play rule to accommodate part time residents. After much discussion, the Executive Committee will ask the Rules Committee to prepare a change to the 10-play rule allowing part time residents (6 months or less residing in OR) to qualify for special events with fewer than 10 plays.

V. New Business

  1. Several members requested that the ORLGA establish a policy for cancellation due to inclement weather. This request will be considered and investigated.
  2. A question was raised about whether ORLGA members, who have GHIN numbers from other clubs, can use that handicap index rather than the OR GHIN numbers and associated handicap index. This request will be considered and investigated.

Nominating Committee

Carole Schuster has volunteered to find a slate of candidates to become the ORLGA officers beginning in October 2018. She asked the membership to let her know if anyone is interested in serving as one of the ORLGA officers.

Upon the motion of Mickie Underhill, with a second from Patti Dugan, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 am.

Our next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, July 10 at 9:00 AM at the Plantation Club

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Kelley, Secretary