January 9, 2018

Plantation Club

President Jan Henson called the meeting to order at 9:40 am. There were 53 members in attendance.

I. Secretary’s Report

Secretary Melanie Kelley requested that the membership approve the minutes from the October and December, 2017 meetings. The minutes were available to the membership on the website for prior review. Judy Harlow moved and Nancy O’Connell seconded a motion for approval of both meeting minutes. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote of the membership present.

II. Treasurer’s Report

Melanie Kelley, on behalf of Phyllis O’Connor, Treasurer, reviewed the proposed budget for 2018 and the financial report for 2017. She reported that dues were increased by $5 per year in 2018 bringing the annual dues to $35, including hole-in-one insurance. The ORLGA ended 2017 with a carryover of $2369, while we began 2017 with $4141. In 2017, we paid out for four holes-in-one and spent more than our income from membership dues on league activities. Therefore, dues have been increased and some items have been cut from prior year budgets, e.g. the Christmas party will not be subsidized by the Club in 2018 (was $400 in 2017).
In 2018, the budget was prepared assuming 120 members paying $35 each. The Christmas party, Charity, and Ringers Committees are self-funding. Ringers’ fees are collected with the annual dues and therefore, itemized on the 2018 budget. There was a question about whether the Ringers participants pay for the most-improved ORLGA player. Ringers’ fees pay for Ringers’ prizes only. The most-improved player trophy is paid for out of League general funds.
It was requested that the 2018 budget be amended as follows: 1. to reflect that the North Strand Interclub dues have increased to $110, from $100; and 2. $50 be added to the budget for the Sunshine Committee to cover the costs of cards and postage.
The membership was requested to pay their annual dues as soon as possible.

III. Committee Reports

A. Welcome Committee

Colleen Plebanek introduced our newest member, Laura Driscoll, who was present at the meeting. Laura has very recently moved into her new home in Ocean Ridge.

B. By-Laws and Local Rules Committee

Jan Henson requested that someone consider chairing this Committee.

C. Charity Committee

Laura Wheaton announced that the Charity Committee will be meeting soon to determine their activities for 2018.
There are two charity tournaments scheduled for 2018—April 4 and August 8.

D. Sunshine Committee

Sonja Farr, reported on the Cards she sent on behalf of the ORLGA during 2017. It was agreed that a card should be sent to Lou Stamboni because Nance was a member of the League for a number of years. It was also agreed that the Sunshine Committee should have a budget of $50 to cover the costs of cards and postage.

E. Member/Guest Tournament

Judy Harlow and Anita Andersch, Co-Chairs, requested that additional volunteers are needed this year because the format for the Member/Guest has been changed to a two-day event. The Member Guest tournament in 2018 will be held on June 15 and 16. A practice date has been scheduled for June 14.

F. Publicity/Historian

Nothing to report

G. Cancer Rally Golf Tournament

Nothing to report

H. Ringers Committee

Colleen Plebanek reported that anyone who has not entered their Ringers score for 2018 can get their scorecards from Colleen to complete their Ringers cards. The 2018 year long Ringers competition began on November 1, 2017.

I. Tournament Committee

Vice-President Diane Wright reported the results of recent tournaments. Linda and Bill Johnston won the Couples Tournament played in November. The first place flight winners of the Fall Ringers tournament were: Sue Carano-Flight 1, Rosie Savoia-Flight 2, Deb MacFarlane-Flight 3, Deb Lebkicher-Flight 4, and Peggy Wilson-Flight 5. The winners of the Fall Member/Member tournament were: First Place: Peggy Rowland and Nancy MacDonald; Second Place: Maureen Craik and Liz Waldron; and Third Place: Judy Harlow and Susan Carano. The winners of the Bah Humbug tournament were: front side team – Debbie Sisk, Holly Brenneman, Pat Brooks, Nancy Ward and back side team – Sue Kane, Nancy O’Connell, Chris Macke, Kathy Beadnell.
The first tournament to be played in 2018 is the Winter Challenge. This tournament is scheduled for February 14 and 21. The sign-up sheet is open on the ORLGA website.
Diane announced that a group of ORLGA members is willing to assist with the computer portion of being a Monday/Wednesday game coordinator. These women will be available to prepare the pairings reports, scorecards, and clubhouse notifications for you if you would like them to. If you want to prepare your own games in the golf software, you certainly may do so. This group is available to assist the coordinators with the hope that this will get more participation in coordinating League events.

J. Web Page

Nothing to report

K. Education Committee

Pam Bank, Chair, reported that a schedule of education events will be posted soon on the ORLGA website.

L. Christmas Party Committee

Melanie Kelley read a letter from Marine Commandant Scott Slater thanking the ORLGA for all of the Toys for Tots contributed by the ORLGA and collected at our Christmas party.

M. Handicap Committee Liaison

Nothing to report.

N. Interclub

Nothing to report

O. North Strand Interclub

Sharon Giblin, Co-Chair with Robin Allen, reported that six events are planned for 2018. A sign-up sheet was circulated at the meeting to participate in these Interclub events. Sign up information will also be available on the website.

P. Hope Harbor

Peggy Rowland reported that the 2018 Hope Harbor golf tournament will be held on August 16 at Carolina National. More information will be provided at our next quarterly meeting.

Q. Club 25

Holly Brenneman, President of Club 25, reported that the Club 25 2018 schedule is posted on the ORLGA website. The first match will be played on April 9 on the St. James Founders course.

IV. Old Business

No-Show Policy
At the October, 2017 meeting there was a discussion of whether the ORLGA should adopt a No-Show Policy. Additional discussion occurred during the meeting. Using a show of hands vote, the majority of the members present approved the following No-Show Policy:

ORLGA No Show Policy
It is the responsibility of the individual member to notify the event organizers and the pro shop (for events at Ocean Ridge) of any cancellation after the event sign up has closed. Some signups close as much as two weeks prior to an event.
ORLGA Monday and Wednesday Play<
All players are granted one (1) lifetime “no reason needed no show” absence from Monday and Wednesday League Play. After that one lifetime “no reason needed no show” absence, if a player is a "no show" and has not notified the Monday/Wednesday coordinators she will be suspended from the next two open league days, following notification by the League Vice President.
ORLGA Major Events
If a player is a "no show" and has not cancelled with the tournament director(s) prior, she will be suspended for the next two tournament events, following notification from the League Vice President.
ORLGA Away Golf
If a player is a "no show" and has not cancelled with the away golf coordinator prior, she will be suspended for the next away golf event, following notification by the League Vice President. The player may also be liable for charges from the away golf venue.
The ORLGA Executive Committee will review all potential suspensions and will also review any requests for exception from the "no show" policies described above.
The Tournament Vice-President shall track membership no-shows, if applicable.

V. New Business

  1. Catering Committee. A Catering Committee has been established and MaryLou Atkinson will chair this committee. This committee will work with the Tamers staff to set and price menus for various social activities to be held by the League. Members who are organizing ORLGA special events should coordinate their food service needs through this new Catering Committee
  2. Ladies on the Links Tournament. Holly Brenneman reported that Magnolia Greens will be hosting this invitational tournament on November 16. She would like the ORLGA to participate in this event. If we have at least four two-person teams in the Ladies on the Links Tournament, then OR participants will be eligible for the Azalea Invitational.

Upon the motion of Judy Harlow, with a second from Melanie Kelley, the meeting was adjourned at 10:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,
Melanie Kelley, Secretary