2017 Presidents Cup Winners

2017 Presients Cup Winners

Susan Kane and Nancy O'Connell

2017 Most Improved Player

2017 Most Improved Player

Donna Ciliberto

League Events

Tee Times/Pairings
Wednesday, January 17 - TE - 12:00 Noon
Please note earlier tee times
Wednesday, January 17 - PR - 10:30 AM

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With the new sign up system in place, you can no longer use
the dates in the mini calendar below to sign up for a game.
You must use the Golf Portal Link above.

The 10-Play Rule Waiver Request is located in the menu to
the left under Rules/Regulations.

ORLGA Upcoming Event Mini-Calendar
Date Day Course Time
January 17
Wednesday PR 10:30 AM
January 22
Monday LP 9:28 AM
January 24 Wednesday LP 12:40 PM
January 29 Monday LP 9:28 AM
January 31 Wednesday PR 12:40 PM
February 5 Monday TE 8:33 AM
Away Golf
January 16th
Tuesday Caledonia Golf &
Fish Club in Myrtle Beach
10:53 AM ST
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2018 ORLGA Committees
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Winter Challenge
Wednesday, February 14
Wednesday, February 21

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Meeting Minutes
December 1, 2017