Fall Ringers Tournament

2018 Fall Ringers

  • First Place Winners:
  • Juli Miller, Sheree Seben
  • Linda Johnston, Rosemarie Savoia
  • Click here for the "Dirty Dozen"


    Click the Image above for descriptions of new and changed Golf Rules effective January 1, 2019. If you click some of the photos, you can view a video describing the rule.

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Tee Times/Pairings
Wednesday, October 24 - LP - 12:40 PM
Voting Booth
Revisions to our By-Laws
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Voting Deadline:
8:00 PM, Friday, November 2nd

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ORLGA Upcoming Event Mini-Calendar
Date Day Course Time
October 24
Wednesday LP 12:40 PM
October 29
Club Championship
Day 1
PR 7:58 AM
October 30
Club Championship
Day 2
TE 11:45 AM
October 31
Club Championship

Day 3
LP 12:45 PM
November 5 Monday TE 8:48 AM
November 7 Wednesday TE 12:54 PM
Member Member
November 12
November 14



7:36 AM
12:00 PM
Away Golf
November 13
Tuesday Arcadian Shores
Myrtle Beach
8:42 AM
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Special Events and Info
ORLGA Christmas Brunch 2018
December 6
Christmas Brunch Info
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ORLGA Fall Member Member
Monday, Nov. 12 - PR - 7:36 AM
Wednesday, Nov. 14 - LP - 12:00 PM

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Fall Ringer Tournament 2018
Monday, October 15
Final Standings
2018 Ocean Ridge
Ladies Club Championship

Monday, Oct. 29 - PR - 7:58 AM
Tuesday, Oct. 30 - TE - 11:45 AM
Wednesday, Oct. 31 - LP - 12:45 PM

Rules and Info
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Sign Up Deadline: Saturday, Oct. 13th
Meeting Minutes
July 10, 2018
Couples Championship 2018
Sunday, October 21
Sunday, October 28

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