ORLGA hole-in-one insurance will apply for a hole-in-one scored during ORLGA sponsored play, including ORLGA tournaments, Monday and Wednesday events, Special Event tournaments Ocean Ridge Couples Championship, Battle of the Sexes and Club Championship played on Ocean Ridge Plantation golf courses (Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase). Away Golf will be covered up to $100 by ORLGA, any remaining drink cost will be the responsibility of the person getting the HOI. The round must be 18 holes, the player’s score is attested and posted in the handicap system, and the round is played under USGA rules. Rounds played as “practice round” and thus not posted or nine-hole rounds do not qualify. Hole-in-one insurance will not apply for golf events where a player is representing Ocean Ridge, including Interclub, Club 25 and Brunswick Interclub. Lady Cats, Pups and Casual Golf are not included.

Reimbursement is for the purchase of one drink per person (beer, wine or drink special only). Food and snacks are not eligible for reimbursement. A receipt must be submitted to the ORLGA Treasurer in order to receive reimbursement. The maximum limit to be paid is $200 per hole-in-one scored during all ORLGA sponsored play as described above. Away Golf is $100.00.

When a hole in one is achieved during the Couples Championship or Battle of the Sexes, ORMGA and ORLGA will equally share the cost of the celebration up to a total of $300 or a total of $150 for each league. All league rules concerning type (beer, wine, soda or drink special) and quantity of drink will be observed. This coverage applies only to members in good standing of ORMGA and ORLGA. Food and Snacks are not eligible for reimbursement. Participants who are not members of good standing are not covered.

Our dues of $40.00 includes $5.00 which is set aside for our Hole-in-One account (# of members x $5.00). Once this account has been depleted and there are no longer any funds to pay out, the fund will need to be replenished. If the account needs to be replenished, you will have an opportunity to either participate or NOT for the remainder of the year. The cost will be $5.00. Those funds will be set aside again in an account to be paid out for Hole-In-One. If you choose to participate, you will be eligible for insurance which will cover the cost of a celebratory drink (plus tax and gratuity) up to $200.00 for the player and her fellow golfing group along with any ORLGA and ORMGA members present at Tamers, Leopard’s Chase or Tigers Eye Grill or Clubhouse. If you choose to NOT participate in replenishment you will NOT receive that benefit for the remainder of the year.