When a golfer makes a hole-in-one, it is a reason for a celebration and, according to tradition, the lucky golfer buys their golfing buddies a drink. Our ORLGA dues includes Hole-in-One insurance. This insurance is designed to promote camaraderie and help defray the costs incurred by the person achieving the hole-in-one. It is customary to include buying a drink for players in both leagues playing that day.

Requirements: The stipulated round must be a minimum of 9 holes, the player’s score attested and posted in the handicap system, and the round played under USGA rules. Rounds played as a “practice round” do not qualify.

ORLGA hole-in-one insurance WILL apply during ORLGA sponsored play, including ORLGA tournaments, Monday and Wednesday events, Special Event tournaments played on Ocean Ridge Plantation golf courses (Lion’s Paw, Panther’s Run, Tiger’s Eye and Leopard’s Chase) and Away Golf.

Hole-in-one insurance will NOT apply for golf events where a player is representing Ocean Ridge, including Brunswick Interclub. Lady Cats, Pups and Casual Golf are also not included.

Benefit: The maximum limit to be paid is normally $200 per hole-in-one scored. Any remaining drink cost will be the responsibility of the person getting the Hole-In-One.

When the ORLGA is playing a large event where the number of golfers exceeds 50 players, then the Hole-In-One benefit is increased to $300. When a Hole-In-One is achieved during an ORMGA/ORLGA combined event like Couples Championship or Battle of the Sexes, ORMGA and ORLGA will equally share the cost of the celebration up to a total of $300 or a total of $150 for each league.

All league rules concerning type (beer, house wine, house liquor, soda or drink special) and quantity of drink will be observed. Food and Snacks are not eligible for reimbursement. A receipt must be submitted to the ORLGA Treasurer in order to receive reimbursement.

An Article on Official Hole in One Rules from GolfWeek

Updated January 2023