The Annual Memorial Tournament

Monday Memorial Day

The annual Memorial Tournament is held on Monday, Memorial Day, on Lion’s Paw, Panther's Run or Tiger's Eye.  The purpose of this annual plantation-wide golf tournament is to honor the memory of the Ocean Ridge residents who passed away during the prior year.

There will be a shot-gun start, usually beginning at 8:30 AM.   Play has been limited to the first 128 golfers.  Immediately following the golf there has been a luncheon reception (approximately 1 PM) in the Tamer’s dining room. The lunch menu in the past consisted of sandwiches, and/or assorted wrap sandwiches, prepared salad, tossed salad with dressings, and  a dessert. An iced tea station has been included. A cash bar included special beer prices.

The sign-up sheets for golf and/or lunch were available on the ladies' and men's web pages.


Cost of participation last year was as follows, per person:  Tournament Prizes and Lunch---$20.00;   Tournament Prizes if you were golfing only - $4.00;   Reception only - $16.00.  The attendance at the reception was limited to 100 guests. The greens fee was $45 if you were non-dues paying member.

Checks were made payable to ORMGA and dropped off at Gail Miller's office in Tamer's in a drop-off box. Checks had to be submitted at least a week and a half before Labor Day.


All residents were welcome to participate, even if they were not initiated or current dues-paying member of Ocean Ridge Golf (note: a greens fee of $45 was charged directly by Ocean Ridge Golf if you were not a dues-paying member).


There were 2 sign up sheets; one for the ladies and one for the men, each containing 64 slots for players, 16 slots for reception only and several slots for alternate players.

FOR LADIES ONLY:      The link was placed here.

FOR MEN ONLY:      The link was placed here.


The format has been a 4-player "shamble", utilizing two (2) low net scores. Each player teed off, and then the team selected the best shot. All players then played their own ball through the green. A handicap ratio was used with 70% of the maximum. Maximum handicap limit applied; 40 for the men off the white tees, 36 for the men off the gold tees and 41 for the ladies. Minimum of two drives was contributed by each player. You had to putt it out if your score was being used as one of the two low nets. If you were out of the hole, you picked up to speed pace of play. Men teed off from the tee they normally play from (white or gold) and the ladies teed off using the "red" tees. The 10-round rule for men was "waived" for this event.

"To the friends who have gone before us,
to the friends who share our lives now
and to all our new friends,
thanks for the memories."