Carolina Cup Information

Two Day Tournament

The Carolina Cup has become an annual two-day tournament generally played on two different courses. This tournament is match play and pits two teams against each other, similar to the Solheim Cup. There are two 9-Hole formats for Day 1 and singles matchplay on Day 2.

On Day 1 each 9-Hole match is worth 1 point for the Team. When there is a tie, the 1/2 point will be awarded. Day 2 Singles Matchplay is worth 1 point.

Format: Day 1 - Holes 1-9 = Better Net; Holes 10-18 = Alternate Shot

Format Day 2 - Holes 1-18 = Singles Match Play

Optional Kick-Off Party and Pep Rally on prior to tournament
Location: Plantation Club

At the kick-off party and pep rally, the two captains, chosen by the tournament director, will select their teams. After the names are selected, the captains will gather their respective teammates to choose names for their teams and come up with some playful strategies or gamesmanship to thwart their opponents. Generally, light snacks are provided but plan on bringing your own drinks.

**Sign-Up Deadline: Three weeks before the first day of the tournament**

   Players list due to Pro Shop two weeks before the first day of the tournament

If you are unable to play both days, sign up in the alternate slot, indicating which day or days you are available to play. However, depending on the teams, you may or may not be chosen to play that day.

Entry Fee:

CASH payment must be made by the deadline date to one of the following Carolina Cup Tournament Committee members, who will all have boxes on their front porches.



Rules of Play:

All putts must be holed out unless conceded by the Opponent. Once a hole is conceded, please pick up your ball and move on. You can move the ball out of a divot in the fairway, otherwise play the ball as it lies. If it is cart path only, Lift, Clean and Place in your own fairway. All matches will be net score and match play events. Handicaps will be calculated using USGA rules. As in all match play events, handicaps are based off the lower handicap player for all three formats. That means that the number of strokes the higher handicap player gets is the difference between her handicap and the lower handicap player, and it will be reflected on the appropriate holes on the scorecards.
USGA and ORLGA local Rules will apply.


Presented after the last round of golf generally at Tamer's, Plantation Club, Pavilion, or other available location. Food and beverages (coupons for drinks a possibility) are options some coordinators have chosen in the past.