Interclub 2019
Schedule & Standings

Interclub Golf is geared for tournament play. Six golf courses in and around the Brunswick / Wilmington area host these games. Each course sends a team of eight lady golfers with handicaps below 27. (Four players should sport a handicap below 20 and four players should have a handicap between 20 and 27). These eight players play against eight members from another golf course. The obvious goal is to have your course team come out on top after having played each of the other five course teams. If you are interested in participating, you can contact our Ocean Ridge representative to this golf group, Jan Henson for additional information and read about the matches and rules for matches at Matches/Rules for Interclub competition.

Price for each course is $60, which includes lunch and bag boy tip. Participants will be billed by Ocean Ridge.

Date Course Time Rain Date
April 8, Monday Landfall

Landfall vs Pine Valley
Magnolia Greens vs Porters Neck
River Landing vs Ocean Ridge
9:00 AM April 15, Monday
May 7, Tuesday Porters Neck

Porters Neck vs Ocean Ridge
River Landing vs Pine Valley
Magnolia Greens vs Landfall
9:00 AM May 14, Tuesday
June 11, Tuesday Pine Valley

Pine Valley vs Magnolia Greens
River Landing vs Porters Neck
Landfall vs Ocean Ridge
9:00 AM ------
July 18, Thursday River Landing

River Landing vs Landfall
Porters Neck vs Pine Valley
Ocean Ridge vs Magnolia Greens
9:00 AM July 30, Tuesday
August 13, Tuesday Magnolia Greens

Magnolia Greens vs River Landing
Porters Neck Vs Landfall
Ocean Ridge vs Pine Valley
9:00 AM August 20, Tuesday
September 17, Tuesday Ocean Ridge

1 vs 2
3 vs 4
5 vs 6
9:00 AM ------