Captains: Karen Orejuela and Debbie Sisk



Deb Sisk, Barbara Augone,Sharon Giblin, Linda Johnston, Maureen Craik, Susan Kane, Holly Brenneman,
Roxie Gaeng, Carys Price, Susan Carano, Robin Allen, Laura Wheaton, Sherri Seben, Chris Macke, Peggy Rowland, Deb MacFarlane, Liz Waldron, Debbie Lebkicher


Knock Out Roses

Karen Orejuela, Jane Arnold, Peggy Wilson, Bev Furman, Ginny Alger,
Nancy O'Connell, Donna Shank, Sharon Benson,
Karen McCloskey, Gene Whidden,
Diane Wright, Anita Andersch, Mary Faulkner, Myong Jensen, Margaret Oehmke, Marie Gaddis, Pam Bank, Rosie Savoia

Our 2020 Carolina Cup Winners

Day 2 was to be a challenge for the KORoses as the Debees held a considerable lead after Day 1 (87 to 75). However, the KORoses were up to the challenge until the weather forced a cancellation of Day 2 Singles Matches preventing what was to be an incredible come from behind. Congratulations to the Debees for a decisive victory!!!

2020 CCCup Final Scores
THANK YOU to Karen Orejuela and Deb Sisk (tournament captains and directors), Anita Andersch, Lissa Westerman, and Karen McCloskey.

If you missed the fun, come join us next year!!