Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Course / Tee Time:

Panther’s Run 12:25 PM DT

The Bah Humbug is an ABCD Scramble competition with unusual rules by which to play each hole.
Special instructions are provided on the day of play for each of the 18 holes. This is a crazy fun tournament

First Place: 68
Pat Brooks, Linda Sutton,
Missing - Anita Andersch and Nancy McKeever

Third Place: 69
Sue Carano, Robin Covelli,
Nancy Ward and Missing - Marilue Tate

Fifth Place: 70
Colleen Plebanek, Marti Serensits,
Holly Brenneman, Gene Whidden

Second Place: 69
Sue Kane, Debbie Sisk,
Laura Wheaton and Missing - Liz Waldron

Fourth Place: 70
Nancy O’Connell, Peggy Wilson,
Karen Orejuela, Bev Furman

Closest to the Pin: Holly Brenneman

Thank You to our Event Directors:
Judy Harlow and Debbie Sisk