2023 Special Events

Below is a listing of our Special Events/Tournaments for 2023.
For a description of the tournament, click the underlined title in the first column.
All Special Events, except Presidents Cup matches, require a complete roster of participants 2 weeks in advance of reservations.

Event Date Course Time # Times Directors
Winter Golf Challenge February 15 Lion's Paw 12:45-1:21 PM 10X’s DT Laura Wheaton, Mary Lou Atkinson, Patti Dugan
Winter Golf Challenge February 22 Panther's Run 12:45-1:21 PM 10X’s DT
Spring Ringers March 27 Lion's Paw 7:54 - 8:30 AM 12X’s DT Kris Heurich, Rosie Savoia, Marge Oehmke
Spring Ringers March 29 Lion's Paw 12:45 - 1:21 PM 12X’s DT
Charity Scramble Apr 26 Lion's Paw 1 PM SG Margie Oehmke, Nancy O'Connell
Presidents Cup Apr-August Players Choice Players Choice NA Kris Heurich
Member/Member May 22 TBD 1:03 - 1:48 PM 12X’s DT
Member/Member May 24 TBD 7:27 - 8:12 AM 12X’s DT
Memorial Tournament May 29 TBD Shotgun 25X’s SG Diane Wright, Donna Shank,
Jo Ann Cutrer, Lilia Kierez,
Myong Jensen
Battle of the Sexes June 7 Lion's Paw 12:00 - 1:12 PM 18X’s SG Diane Wright, Robyn Albert,
Laura Wheaton
Carolina Cup June 26 Lion's Paw TBD 12X’s DT Diane Wright, Anita Andersch, Sharon Benson, Carole Milnichuk
Carolina Cup June 28 Panther's Run TBD 12X’s DT
Wild N Crazy
One Net Tourney
July 26 Panther's Run 12:45 - 1:21 PM 10X’s DT Mary Lou Atkinson, Diane Wright, Laura Wheaton
Summer Ringers August 14 Panther's Run 7:27 - 8:03 AM 10X’s DT Laura McCadden, Robyn Albert
Summer Ringers August 16 Panther's Run 12:45 - 1:21 PM 10X’s DT
Neighborhood Challenge September 6 Panther's Runw 12:45-1:21 PM 14X DTs Diane Wright, Barb Augone, Anita Andersch,
Carole Milnichuk, Marge Oehmke
Club Championship Sept 18 TBD AM 8X’s STB Diane Wright, Jane Arnold
Club Championship Sept 20 TBD PM 8X’s STF
Club Championship Sept 22 TBD PM 8X’s STB
Mixed Couples Championship Sunday, October 22 TBD PM 12X’s DT  Diane Wright, Laura Wheaton,
Anita Andersch, Nancy O'Connell
Mixed Couples Championship Sunday, October 29 TBD PM 12X’s DT
Member/Member-Guest Nov 3 TBD Shotgun 12X’s Laura Wheaton, Anita Andersch, Barb Augone,
Laura McCadden, MaryAnn Ondek,
Colleen Plebanek, Kathy Wicke
Member/Member-Guest Nov 4 TBDe 8:30 AM Shotgun - TBD 12X’s
Bah Humbug December 13 Lion's Paw PM 12X’s ST  Laura McCadden, Kris Heurich,
Kathy Ferrari